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A sewage sump with pump ; also called a sewage receiving tank, is installed when connection to a gravity drainage system is hook up sewage ejector pump possible; such as in the basement of a home, with a septic tank or in the sub-basement of a commercial property. Sewage Sump Basins are manufactured containers with air and water tight covers that have openings for the sewage inlet, pump discharge, fresh air vent as well as electrical connections to the pump and float. The pumping units, called solid handling pumps are constructed of heavy duty cast iron that will stand up well to the harsh environment of being submerged in raw sewage and typically can be purchased with the sump basin as a "package deal". Sewage Sump Pumps are mechanically operated has an electric motor ; and therefore, are much more likely to fail than a standard gravity based drainage system and should only be considered when no other possibility exists to connect to the existing drainage. Selecting the proper size sewage basin will depend on the anticipated peak demand of all the fixtures draining into it. A single family home should be adequately serviced by a 40 gallon basin, but be sure to check the manufactures specifications.

A vast majority hook up sewage ejector pump those customers in need of a sewage handling pump automatically believe that they must get a sewage grinder pump. That is not the case at all. Sewage Ejector pumps do not have grinding blades. The most common application for a Sewage Ejector pump is to move raw sewage from a residence to a septic tank or gravity flow sewer main.

A sewage ejector pump, also called a pump-up ejector systemis used when a bathroom, laundry room or any other type of plumbing fixture is located below the level of the main sewer or septic line flowing from the house. Because the flow of drain-wastewater depends on gravity, plumbing systems in which these fixtures are located below the level of the main sewer line all require some means of elevating the wastewater so it can flow properly. Most commonly, ejector pumps are used in homes with basement bathrooms or laundry rooms. Not all basements require them, but when the municipal sewer lines running to the street are at a higher level than the fixture, the ejector pump serves to pump both liquids and solids up into the sewer line so it can flow properly. Ejector pumps are also very common in septic drain-field systems, such as are found in rural locations where the septic drainage field or holding tank may be considerably higher hook up sewage ejector pump basement plumbing fixtures.
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Once everything hook up sewage ejector pump in order, follow the simple steps below for an easy installation. Nevertheless, compress the soil before inserting it. Look for 2 openings on your grinder pump system. There should be one hole to emit the waste referred to as the discharge and another to receive the waste from the home referred to as the inlet. Use PVC pipes to connect appropriately. Wire up the conduit and connect the cables to the control panel near your home electric meter. Set-up the switches for the float alarm in an easily reachable area for detecting if the waste exceeds a certain height in your compartment. At this point, you can also set the limit for the float alarm.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. This article hook up sewage ejector pump sewage ejector pumps and residential or light commercial-use sewage grinder pumps used to move wastewater from low areas to a septic tank or to a municipal sewer line. This septic pump or sewage pump article series will help you diagnose and fix problems with sewage pumps, perform normal sewage ejector pump maintenance, and when needed, select and buy a sewage pump. Citation of this article by reference to this website and brief quotation for the sole purpose of review are permitted. The sewage grinder pump is housed in a plastic or steel reservoir which receives waste from the bathroom or other plumbing fixtures it serves. When a float inside the reservoir indicates that the sewage level has reached a high level in the reservoir, the float turns on the grinder pump which grinds and pumps away the waste. At left the sewage grinder pump parts include:.

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